CROS2 (Marseille – France)

 December 20th,2012 til January 19th,2013

December 20 – 2012, the work of French artist Cros2 off-loads in Los Angeles for his first solo exhibition at SEIZE360 gallery on Melrose. Cros2 explores the technique of screen printing to portray a disturbing realism via 10 original works deeply inspired by Marseille lifestyle, music, graffiti and urban cultural landscapes. Faces & scenes take life under the careful hand of this artist as he uses sharp lines and contrasting color palettes bringing life to his illustrations. Cros2 illustrates his proclivity for graphic
illustrations with whatever subject matter he approaches…his identity is unmistakably evident.
An influential graphic illustrator (Nike, Magma, Manolo du Carré rouge, etc) often attributed with blurring the lines between contemporary & street, Cros2 defies the routine interpretations of illustrations by completely redefining lines. Cros2 delivers his visual experiment exploring illustrative techniques and aesthetics from his guarded point of view. Influential as both a graphic illustrator & street artist, Seize360 welcomes Cros2 to the States.

→ Vernissage on Thursday December 20th            6p – 10p.

A solo exhibition by Cros2December 20th 2012 til January 19th 2013